Drop In Pet Sitting Service

Pet Sitting

As a child my brother Jeff and I were very fortunate. Our parents Steve and (Lovelymum) Dot, welcomed all pets with open arms (bless them). We started with a dog, then came Goldfish, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, a cat, mice, rats, budgies, tortoises, more dogs and at one point a pony. The care of pets were Jeff and mine’s responsibility.  This was very educational and has given me lots of practice in looking after our furry and not so furry friends.

Before I start to care for your pets I will come over to your house to meet with you all. I do this so that I won’t be a stranger to them when you aren’t there. This is also a good chance for me to find out their routines and any likes/dislikes – yours or theirs.

Drop in Pet Sitting I am more than happy to consider caring for any pets you have and will visit you pet(s) once or twice a day, as requires. I will feed them and give them fresh water, change/clean their bedding and spend quality time with them. I will clean their eating/drinking area and bowls and give any required medication as instructed.

House Sitting this will be offered as an alternative to home boarding for your pet. Unfortunately, due to my landlord’s restrictions, I am unable to board any dogs/cats at my address but as an alternative I can care for them at their home. I will happily provide a house sitting service so if you’d like your pets to have company in the comfort of their own home that’s where I come in (stand in pet mum). I am also happy to open/close curtains, water your plants and put your bins in/out. My house sitting prices are very reasonable, especially if you have more than one pet and can be more reasonable than boarding multiple animals in kennels/catteries.

Temporary care I do offer temporary care in case you are for any reason not well enough to attend to any of your pets. I will walk your dog on temporary basis. If you are stuck please don’t hesitate to call me.

Multi pet households If you have more than one pet please call or email me to discuss exact requirements for a more accurate price.

yvonne@warringtondogs.co.uk or 07955353681