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What does a Dog Walker do?

A dog walker’s main role is taking the dog out for exercise. They typically pick the dog up at the owner’s house, take it out for its walk, and then return the animal back to the house. They also make sure the animal has had enough food and water. Some dog walkers, especially those who own their own business, may choose to include grooming services.

Dog walkers need to have complete control, as they may be walking several dogs at a time, and need to have full authority so that one does not get away from the group. In some cases, a walker may have to deal with breaking up dogs in a fight, or with runaways. Being strong and having physical stamina is necessary in this career.

Some other requirements of the job are:

  • being comfortable working with pet owners
  • coordinating many schedules at a time
  • having an understanding of animal restraints and the use of transportation kennels
  • having the ability to control dogs of various sizes
  • obtaining and updating licenses or permits (if necessary)

A dog walker also needs to clean up after the dog and make sure that no droppings are left behind. While this is arguably one of the worst aspects of the job, dog walkers are animal lovers and know that it is all part of taking care of the animal.